Insider Trading Software

In its constant endeavour to support its listed client companies to comply with the regulations, Cameo had developed "Vigilant" a software solution in response to SEBI prohibition of insider trading regulations. The Software aims at facilitating the maintenance of a database of insiders and designated persons with the convenience of time stamping and comprehensive audit trails for all modifications made in the database for listed companies, apart from enabling monitor and regulate the insider trading.

Vigilant is a web-based application, deployed on the encrypted (SSL) platform and hosted on a multi-tier model to ensure data security. The Application and database are configured in high availability mode and accessed with username and password in a dual authentication method. The application is integrated with SMS and e-mail alert notifications. The application follows PAN based tracking of transactions.


Master Database of Designated persons (DPs)

Codes & Policy Documents

Disclosures by Designated Persons

Trading Window Closure

Event Management - UPSI


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